Electric Grill Griddle Information and Interesting Things to Know
What is going on with the respected grilling machine that is also called the George Foreman grill with removable nonstick plates? Some details and info about the kitchen appliance that many people are still enjoying in their everyday lives.
The well known George Foreman grill GRP99, where do I start? Well, if you haven't heard already, I own one of these units and I am quite happy with it. The indoor grill of the George Foreman Company isn't the first grill that I owned, of course, so I had some experience with these kitchen appliances (and I like to search the web for sites that have kitchen recipes like the hyperlinked text in this specific sentence).
First of all I have to stress that I am not an expert in this, but just someone who likes to grill and cook my favorite foods for me and my friends in different grilling or barbeque parties (We don't always use the George Foreman grill GRP99 in these parties, it really is depended upon the events itself and what house or place it takes place). Anyway, I do have a lot of experience with outdoor grills and indoor grills as well, and I really do like this hobby.

Let's focus back on the main subject here – the George Foreman indoor grill. Although this electric griddle grill isn't perfect and if you examine it closely you can always find some flaws here and there, the unit in general performs great. The food – including hamburgers, steaks, chicken breasts and more – all is cooked really nice and it's not rare to get a peace of meat that is cooked to perfection. The neighbors who don't participate in the grill party (for some unknown reason, we tend to invite everyone we can) can really suffer when smelling the tasty food that is being cooked and eaten right before their eyes (or noses).

The older electric grills that I owned were also quite good (those who weren't didn't survive long enough in my house…) but the majority of them did have some problems with the cleanup. When I first used the George Foreman grill GRP99 I was pretty glad to see that this unit can create much less mess compared to other indoor grills. Many people already know how good the George Foreman grills are, they usually cook the food quite evenly and in the way you want it.  

One of the best features that make this electric grill so good is the cooking surfaces that can be removed and thrown over to the dishwasher or the sink and make the cleaning so much easier. Despite the fact that other electric griddles and electric grills also have this feature, their numbers are not many so this make the George Foreman grill GRP99 griddle one of the few units that offer this interesting feature that help ease the cooking process so much.

More on the George Foreman indoor grill on the next posts so stay tuned. If you want a nice electric grill you should try to get more information about this unit and see if it might be able to fit your needs.

While it may not be the most relevant site to share I enjoyed spending my time at the website of the Food Standards Agency which is a United Kingdom Government body that you can still visit even if you don't live in Britain. You could seriously find wealth of information there about the food industry in the great country of Britain (and I am saying this even though I don't really live there).
6/6/2010 06:05:04 am

Oh, I just finished reading a different post of yours about the presto electric griddle but I am glad to see that you have also reviews the george foreman grill grp99. Right now, I am not really interested in this grill but if I ever will be or just want some details about this electric grill I will try to come here and read it if I'll remember how to get here (hehe...).
Cheers :)

6/28/2010 12:25:42 am

Ok, I already read the review about the Presto Jumbo griddle and left a comment over there but again, I didn't like this specific presto electric griddle since a friend of mine already purchased it and didn't really recommend it to me. About the George Foreman grill GRP99 - well I don't know any friend or family member of mine that has this specific model so I can't really comment about this unit. On the other hand, some of my friends, including myself, did own a George Foreman grill that is different from this model and most of us had pretty good experience with it. It doesn't mean that I am going to buy the George Foreman GRP99 grill, but if this griddle is that good as some other people say it is, I would love to try a unit that has removable grilling plates. Therefore, I am a bit curious from the George Foreman grill GRP99 but not that naive to go and get it just because everyone on the web say its awesome, its great and so on. Right now, I don't really need any griddle grill since I already own an appliance that does a nice job with cooking most of the things me and my friends like to eat. Anyway, thanks for your review and if my current appliance will stop working (and I really hope it won't...), I might as well try or at least investigate some more about the George Foreman GRP99 grill that sounds like an interesting catch. See ya


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