Electric Grill Griddle Information and Interesting Things to Know
Hey guys,
Since I was really bored for a long time I came across a browser game that was pretty nice. Obviously, it's not a fantastic and extremely expensive strategy game like Starcraft 2, and I couldn't find electrical appliances in this game. But since I'm not really sane I wanted to post it anyway.
To begin with, I know that it's not related to electric grills, griddles or any other kitchen appliance that you can think of (hell, it doesn't even has something to do with food, or cooking. So why is it here? Well, if you're bored..)
We are talking about a simple browser type game that is called tower defense. There are actually many of those around, but I decided to check Weebly.com feature. Well, here it is and you're welcomed to either try it or check other sections on this internet site.
You can find more tower defense games by pressing the link in this sentence, have fun.

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