Electric Grill Griddle Information and Interesting Things to Know
Despite the fact that there are probably other Presto griddles that should get much more attention, it is the Presto Jumbo electric griddle that we are going to deal with in this article. Whether you want to buy the appliance which is mentioned here or if you already own the much sought after electrical kitchen appliance - you're welcomed of course, to take a look in this review that was written by a boring human being.
While there are already many reviews for the Presto 07039 professional 22 inch Jumbo electric griddle, so I might not have a lot add. Nevertheless, this specific kitchen appliance which is usually called the Presto electric griddle has a huge cooking surface and this griddle electric unit heats up quite evenly, although it does have some issues about this. (for more information about the nice basic pancake that everybody like there is a big internet website (the BBC) about Pancakes in the link here, pancake freaks would just love it. Moreover, the image of the tasty looking basic pancakes with lemon and sugar, you can only lick your lips).

On the other hand, the Presto griddle does heats up and cools very quickly, so that's another good thing about this unit. We have already cooked with the Presto Jumbo griddle a couple of times, and all of the breakfasts and meals ended up nicely. (I also used other electric grills in order to grill steaks and such, but it had nothing to do with the Presto Jumbo electric griddle.

Among the many foods cooked are bacon, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, burgers and other foods that some ended more evenly cooked than the others. An important thing that I should mention regarding this is about the eggs – apparently, the Presto electric griddle was built in order to drain the grease and other liquids, so if you want to get good results when cooking scrambled eggs you would better tilt the griddle electric unit accordingly. In general, we respect the Presto Jumbo electric griddle much more after using it so much, and would look for this kitchen appliance or other Presto electric griddles in the future. 

Unlike other reviewers of the Presto 07039 professional 22 inch Jumbo electric griddle I also had experience with various similar units over the years, including a nice electric grill griddle that I liked (which is, of course, not related to the Presto Jumbo griddle), it is the George Foreman grill GRP99 and I have wrote another post about this unit too. Some people like to try nice Chicken Breast recipes so those can be found in the link the leads to a nice page about it.

Despite the fact that I really haven't used all of the Presto griddles that exist in the market, I have to say that after using this one for two to three times a week I just don't understand why people complain about the uneven heat of this griddle grill. I mean, the heat distribution isn't perfect, but it's fine if you know what you are doing. You just have to learn where the hot and cool spots are and act accordingly. It's not rocket science, but doing this simple thing would greatly improve any experience with this Presto electric griddle that many people believe can be nice with a wide range of foods.

Moreover, because I had a small accident with the Presto Jumbo griddle some of the nonstick coating just wore off, which is not a good thing. It means that every time we cook we need to use more butter or oil in order to make sure that any food placed on the Presto griddle won't stick to it.

Honestly, I believe that all of the griddle grills out there will eventually lose their nonstick coating, just a matter of time. Yet, considering the cheap price of this electric griddle grill, you just have to consider it if you wish to cook pancakes and other foods much more easily.

And for those of you that enjoy watching Youtube videos while cooking various delicious recipes with any of the frying pans, non electrical griddles and other kitchen units - I found this pretty old video that I have knew nothing about until present time, and most people who cook Chicken Fajitas may very well be more than interested in the interactive video that the current technology, in this particular case the ability to upload and edit videos to the most popular video sharing sites that the internet has ever seen Youtube, has to offer that anyone who own a computer or a simple laptop. In conclusion, stare and have fun (again this isn't related to the Presto griddles or the grills of the respected brand that is called George Foreman).
We are talking here about an old video from 2006 that was probably created by a person that decided to show the world how to cook and make his favorite dinner, which is chicken Fajitas. Honestly, if you know what you're doing in the kitchen and manipulate the tools, pans and cooking equipments correctly, there is no doubt in my mind that you could achieve delicious results with the healthy and tasty chicken recipe.
6/6/2010 05:58:29 am

I was also thinking of getting the presto electric griddle since I read about so many people raving the unit. Honestly, I still don't know if I would get the presto 07039 professional 22 inch Jumbo electric griddle just because so many people say positive things about it. I am always suspicious about cheap units but who knows...

6/28/2010 12:15:09 am

Some very interesting information here about the presto jumbo griddle, and while I did find a lot of good reviews about this griddle I just don't buy it. I have got a friend who actually bought the Presto 07039 professional 22 inch Jumbo electric griddle and he claims that it is just a cheap made unit that while is still useable, he wouldn't buy it again. According to what I understand from our quite limited conversation about the Presto jumbo griddle, the surface of this one doesn't heat evenly as the older electric griddle that he had. On the other hand he did agree that the surface is really big and not that hard to clean since the food doesn't stick to it at this point. However, he says he wouldn't settle for a griddle that doesn't heat up evenly, so he is looking for a different unit right now. Anyway, thank you for this review about the Presto 07039 professional 22 inch Jumbo electric griddle, and I also read the review about the George Foreman grill GRP99 and I can't really tell but I might try it out.

10/22/2010 09:48:59 pm

Hello guys and everyone else, I have already written another comment at another short post on this blog but I feel like I should mention it again anyway. I have already got a nice electric griddle that I have been using to cook pancakes, steaks and other tasty foods and my family, including myself, are pretty happy with it (well at least most of my family..). Now, since I was looking for information and recipes about pancakes, I am glad that i didn't miss this well written article and I want to express my hope that in the future more of the posts and articles here (if there will be any, I really have no idea..) will be longer and contain useful information like the data that I read and discover from this blog post. Oh, I nearly forgot that I need to prepare the chicken breast for being roasted and I thank you for writing about it too, my family love to eat chicken breasts - especially if they are good enough and grilled or cooked the way that most people like it. Okay, I am writing too much again so I will say goodbye to everyone. See ya!

3/8/2011 06:17:09 pm

Because of the simple fact that the average electric griddle also comes with a useful and usually user-friendly nonstick surface at an affordable price (again, I'm not speaking about the professional equipment that you could probably find at a restaurant that cooks various tasty and expensive dishes with the top grills or griddles that the industry today has to offer to it's respected customers). What I'm trying to say is that it would be smart to check if you really want one of the many Presto electric griddles that are considerably cheap or you may also investigate some more models and kitchen products that the retail and online market has to offer. For example, the George Foreman grills could definitely be considered as interesting options since they are not only popular but not extremely expensive in most cases. Lately, the Cuisinart griddles are catching lots of attention so checking these versatile products would be a smart decision that every customer should at least search for in the internet or by reading cooking magazines, newspapers and even consult with reliable friends and family members that already own some experience with electric griddles and grills (not necessarily the presto appliances).


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