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If you are still waiting for the second part of the George Foreman grill GRP99 review then I am sorry to update this post with this limited information. I have some personal issues to take care of lately so I don't have a lot of free time for this blog. I will say though that the George Foreman grilling machine is still working and functioning pretty good.
Obviously, I'm far from being thrilled or excited by the simple fact that I'm short on time and don't even have the luxury of updating this blog properly. Therefore, I'm going to share a recent Youtbue video that I found which is not very new (was created in 2007) and does not feature the interesting George Foreman grill that is discussed so much on this website.
At first I was surprised to see how tasty and awesome a vegetarian dish can seriously be. This is a delicious Lebanese squash dish that I have never tasted before watching this cool video. Again, I'll be delighted to provide you with more data about the George Foreman grilling machine.
6/28/2010 01:26:56 am

Oh well, I am sorry to hear about those issues and I hope things would get fine soon. On the other hand, I didn't develop some high expectations about the review of the George Foreman grill anyway, so it's not a big deal, at least not for me. I am glad to hear that the George Foreman grilling machine is still doing a good job, and I hope it will keep doing so. I did have one of the older George Foreman grills and I remember that it was pretty good, so I do have some good memories with the George Foreman company. I remember that the griddle was very good as a kitchen appliance since you could cook bacon, thick meat, pork chops and almost any food that you would cook on a regular propane or charcoal grill. It just heated up relatively even and the food eneded up delicious good and with those greatly looking grill marks that would make you want to eat more of the great food. Now, I don't have the George Foreman grill GRP99 which you intend to review here so I can't really say that just because it is of the Foreman company then the electric grill is great or not so good - I just can't comment on this issue. Oh, I do remember thought that the George Foreman grill that I had (cannot recall exactly what model it was, long time ago...) was very hard to clean. I mean, it did cook the food well - exactly as you want. The surface would get quite hot and sear the food wonderfully. However, after you ate the food you just knew you are going to work hard cleaning this heavy electric griddle grill and you hope it wouldn't take long. Ok, I will stop talking so much and I wish you all the best.


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