Electric Grill Griddle Information and Interesting Things to Know
Just one of the reasons that I bought and have been writing about the George Foreman GRP99 grill that is that it runs on electricity and not on coal, gas which are more than likely to provide you with better cooking results than a simple indoor electrical unit but at the same time these materials are going to harm our environment.
Although it's not really the main reason that I chose to review the George Foreman grill with removable plates I just had to mention it on this particular post. Unlike many other gas grills, or grilling machines that run on fuel type pollutive materials that are not very helpful to the environment, and this is to say the least, I have decided (not right now, about a year ago) to try electrical appliances (like the example that is dealt with on this blog and it is the George Foreman grilling machine GRP99 which is an electric grill and not a gas appliance) instead of the regular and much loved outdoor propane grills (by the way, and I had to write about it sooner or later, the image wasn't taken or created by me but was taken from another website that I know nothing about it's owners. However I have to mention it's name and URL and it is the xconomy website and I wanted to thank it's creators for making such a big and respected internet site). While electrical appliances are far from being perfect or environmental friendly but it's certainly better than fuel typed grilling machines that are really horrible in any conceivable way possible, so if you do care about our only world and willing to protect it you are more than welcomed to buy products that run on electricity and not on gas, coal and other terrible materials that may provide you with good food and steaks, but pollute the environment to a large degree.
So help protect Earth and keep our world green, and since I like to watch National Geographic occasionally and the views and programs there are really nice to watch whether you like to use the George Foreman grills or not.

The George Foreman grill GRP99 still functions relatively good, and I am able to grill chicken breasts and steaks easily, although I do have to clean all the grease while at the same time be careful not to damage this appliance. The removable plates are still functioning, the nonstick coating hasn't deteriorated and most people would be glad with the situation of this George Foreman GRP99 grill that still does a good cooking job.
8/18/2010 03:02:52 am

I have also owned the george foreman grill for a couple of weeks and we love it so far. Although the economic situation now is still not really good, to say the least, we just had to replace another electric griddle that we had and basically after years of use that it served us quite well, when we noticed that the nonstick cooking surface wore off we knew it's time for a new appliance. We have examined (not an intensive examination but quite a short one) lots of electric griddles, grills and other units and asked friends. People recommended us a few units like the presto griddles that are very popular, the cuisinart griddler, the george foreman grill and some of the lodge griddles as well.
In the end we have decided to try the foreman griddle, because it looked well designed and had a lot of useful features like the ability to completely remove the grilling plates so that you can clean these plates when they are not connected to the heavy appliance. It was the first time that I saw such an electric grill that makes it easy to clean and we have also read reviews that raved this unit too.
So, after buying the george foreman grp99 grill we cooked some pork chops and they were grilled fine, not perfectly but we had no experience with this appliance. However, as we got used to this grill we have managed to cook the food nicely and we were impressed with the appliance but not overwhelmed with it, since it wasn't perfect and did have some problems. On the other hand it is very easy to clean and as long as it would last for more than a year or two and won't cause any more problems we would probably be happy with the george foreman grill grp99 and we might as well have a grilling party with friends and neighbors and try to compare their grills to this one of foreman.

10/22/2010 09:12:03 pm

Hi there,
what I read on this website is interesting and give me some new perspectives about electric grills and other products in general. Although I do not have the George Foreman grill I am thinking about getting it, I believe it would fit nicely with the other food that I am cooking, not only steaks, vegetables and such but lots of other kinds of recipes and meals. Anyhow, thanks for writing this cool post.


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